May 4, 2015

Manny, You'll Always Be The Winner.

Come to think of it, we've always consciously avoided watching Manny Pacquiao's boxing matches.  Maybe we just don't want to jinx them, or maybe we just can't handle the tension because we wince at the first and slightest instance of Manny becoming hurt and compromised.  Or maybe because we're certain Manny will always emerge as the winner.

Today, while the so-called Fight of the Century was happening, we weren't watching either.  Our sister and our 94-year-old grandmother were glued to the TV, while we just peeked every now and then.  And each time we did, all we saw was a one-way fight, with Manny Pacquiao throwing most of the punches, while Floyd Mayweather vigorously run around in circles, dodged behind his gloves, and basically hugged him.  All the slo-mo replays showed Manny in his glorious, if slightly fumbling, fighting form, whereas his money-toting opponent was simply being elegantly evasive.  Turns out Mayweather's "fighting" style is what the judges are looking for in the Fight of the Century.

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