May 27, 2015

Hunting down a pair of silicon pads for my headset.

Two weeks ago we lost the silicon pad of our favorite AKG headset.  The adhesive had worn off months ago, and we've repeatedly glued it back in place (both Elmer and Shelby were of no use), only to have it pop out when we least expect it.  This time around, on the bus, the damn pad came loose, fell to the floor, and was nowhere to be found.  The headset was a cheap one, just under a thousand bucks but we like it for the fact that it doesn't go all the way inside our ear canal, but sits right at the opening.  And we didn't want to fall out of love with it just because of a missing silicon pad and an exposed metal.  

Thankfully AKG sells replacement parts, but you have to get them at their service center.  We suppose we could have simply ask them to just deliver the pads to any of their concept stores, particularly at SM North EDSA, but we rather liked the idea of tracking down a couple of tiny rubbery silicon pads.  We ended up in Topy's Place in Eastwood, specifically Calle Industria, so-called, we think, because it was a headquarters hub for several other companies.  One thing we hate about going to Libis is that there's only one jeepney line servicing the area, and it's only via Cubao.  Yes, there are cabs, but we're scared of riding cabs alone.    

So anyway, much walking and getting up and down flights of stairs, we finally found the place, which turned out to be just a ho-hum office building.  There's a bunch of JBL, AKG, and Harman Kardon speakers stacked upon each other on the lobby, could be dead, could be newly refurbished, we couldn't tell.  They looked so ordinary and stripped of their premium feel which they usually have when they're displayed in the showrooms.  And to think these things cost a lot.  

The guy who took our order gave us a pair of the silicon pads, gray and smoky and translucent, and charged us 100 bucks for them.  And we left, happy because it's good to know that in this age of disposable culture, there are some things for which you can still buy replacement parts.  And we won't have to disown our headset after all, but we were left a little bewildered too because we travelled all the way to here for a couple of tiny things other normal folks can painlessly live without.  

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