May 15, 2011

Books and More Books from the Province!

Still vacationing in Cabiao.  Surprisingly, I'm still alive despite the intense heat.  I did manage to bring my pepper grinder, but forgot to bring along cooking oil (too lazy to buy here).  And then there's  the TV-less living room.  Good thing I brought books to keep me entertained.

Left, my books; right, Mami's prayer books; middle, toy horse.

Anyway, what I love here in the province are the Booksale branches.  Have been to the two Booksales already, one in WalterMart, Gapan, the other in N.E. Pacific in Cabanatuan.  And just like in the previous years I always come out with great finds.  Yay!  Back when me and Edge were still holing up here in Cabiao we bought The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, an early edition of Smilla's Sense of Snow, and A Few Short Notes on Tropical Butterflies, and Little Altars Everywhere.

There's always something good that others don't seem to mind.  In the city I'd spend two hours inside the store and emerge with nothing.  I suspect they've been snatched the minute the books got delivered.  

Maybe it's an indictment of our culture that fewer and fewer people are reading books these days.  That day at Booksale at WalterMart Gapan, while I was scouring the shelves fearing they don't stock anything good anymore, a teenage girl came waltzing in and asked the clerk if they carry the Justine Bieber magazine?  Justine Bieber has a magazine of his own?

Anyway.  In the cupboard-sized Boooksale branch (think Harry Potter's room under the staircase) at WalterMart, it only took me ten minutes to unearth Peter Høeg's The Quiet Girl (P45), Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones's Diary (P45)Waiting for Godot (P20), a short story collection by Ernest Hemingway (P20), and Samuel Becket's (P20)!  Imagine Waiting for Godot for 20 bucks!  Peter Høeg's The Quiet Girl!

I had to schedule my trip to N.E. Pacific Mall in Cabanatuan for another day.   

There I found a book of poems by Margaret Atwood, with matching CD of her reading the poems herself.  Come to think of it, I've always wondered what she sounds like.  Also found a comics compilations of Berke Breathed and his Bloom County.  

And I bought myself an eco book too (Green's Not Black and White), which ironically enough, took me lots of guilty carbon footprint in a single day to travel to the bookstore and then go back home again.  When I got home, the binding fell off an hour later (thank God there is glue in the house, no cooking oil but there's glue,) so I'm wondering how a book that purports to be an eco-book promoting the virtues of durability in consumer goods can have so fragile a binding it won't even last an hour with me.  

There's also for P55 Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  Mmmmmm, mmmmm.  And a hardcover edition of The Little Prince, with matching dedication by grandma to her grandson back in 1987.

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