February 6, 2011

11 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Your Cough Now

These past three days my cough has gone to mildly tolerable to truly nasty.  It's so bad I think I could take part in another Björk a capella album like Medulla.  I could provide the hard scraping sound, I'd just have to put a little rhythm to it.  

Okay, uncontrollable coughing is never elegant.  But It's supposedly your body's natural and automatic reflex to spew out something that doesn't belong there: microbes, foreign bodies (such as food), irritants, mucus secretions, and other irritants.  Which is why coughing is always violent.  Your body is evicting invaders. 

Anyway, the better term should be How to Get Rid of Cough Naturally. So here are 11 ways to get rid of your cough without resorting to over-the-counter meds.

1 Ginger
Ginger soothes sore irritated throats.  For this natural cough remedy: grate a piece of ginger and boil in a cup of water.  Mix with honey and sip while still warm.

2 Lemon
Mix lemon juice with black tea.  Great relief for dry cough and sore throat.

3 Onion and Honey
Raw onions are efficient in clearing phlegm, which is one cause of that nasty cough.  For his natural cough remedy: finely chopped a piece of raw onion and extract its juice.  For every teaspoon of onion extract, mix with one teaspoon of honey.  Keep overnight before taking a spoonful, preferably three times a day.

4 Oregano
Wash oregano leaves well, pound in a mortar, and then boil in a cup of water.  Mix with honey and sip while still warm.

5 Raisins
Raisins are undoubtedly packed with antioxidants.  What's more, raisins are also good for coughs.  Grind some raisins along with honey, mix with water in a pot, and warm over a stove until mixture becomes syrupy.  Take a teaspoon of the syrup at bedtime.

6 Turmeric
Turmeric doesn't just provide the tangy kick in Indian dishes, it's also full of healthy benefits.  Aside from its anti-carcinogenic properties long recognized in Ayurvedic Medicine, turmeric powder is also a good and effective natural cough remedy, especially for dry coughs.  Mix a teaspoon of turmeric into a cup of milk and warm over the stove for a minute.  (You can also add a pinch of pepper to further enhance turmeric's bio-availability.)  Sip while warm.

7 Grape Juice
The enzymes in grapes are an excellent expectorant.  Just mix a glass of your favorite natural grape juice (freshly squeezed if possibe) with honey and drink as usual.

8 Vitamin C
Sometimes, having a recurrent cough means our immune system isn't at its peak performance, possibly because you're not getting enough Vitamin C.  Time to guzzle those vitamin C-loaded fruit juices like lemonade, orange juice, cranberry juice, carrot juice, and tomato juice.  Choose those without added and artificial sugars.
9 Deep Breathing.
Many of us are shallow breathers.  When we were babies, we used to breathe deeply, our stomachs inflated with every inhale.  As we grew up, we became stressed, too busy, or too lazy to breathe propely.  The result is an inadequately oxygenated lungs and a restless body.  From now on, try to be conscious of how you breathe.  That should clear your lungs and your cough.  The health benefits will be lifetime.

10 Garlic and Onion Chicken Soup
Nothing beats your mom's (or dad's) home-made chicken soup infused with all the goodness of chicken broth, onions, and garlic.  A whiff of it alone tells you everything will be all right.  And while you're at it, throw in some nutritious veggies to further fight off that nasty cough. 

11 Sambong Leaf
If you can get your hands on some sambong leaves, you can boil them as tea.  Volatile oils in the leaves are rich in camphor and limomene which are a natural expectorant.

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