January 12, 2011

Persimmons and Lamb

Because I just turned 28 a few days ago, I figured I'll have lamb for the first time ever.  Edge treated me to dinner at Mister Kabab, along West Ave.  (I've never eaten at Mister Kabab before, so that's also a first for me.)

Their Lamb Beryani was hearty, the curry sauce (was it curry?) was spicy and thankfully my stomach was ok with it.  We also had between the two of us a mango shake and a yoghurt shake, which we guess was yoghurt and coconut juice.  Edge had their Special Chelo Beef Kebab, which reminded Edge of Jolibee's beef and mushroom.  I wanted the grill tomato that came with it, but Edge gobbled it up right away.

Lamb - Gabriel

What can I say about lamb?  We know about frog or snake meat tasting like chicken.  Well lamb doesn't taste like pork, nor beef, nor chicken.  It tastes like lamb.  I'm no food expert.  The only suggestion I read about eating lamb is to eat it with a loved one.

One more nice thing about Mister Kabab: unassuming, non-intimidating place.  It's like a highschool cafeteria, wooden straight-backed chairs, simple decor.  Thier house water is even self-service.  And the waitresses are friendly.  Or at least our waitress was.

Photo on the right: a persimmon.  Me and Edge have never tasted one before.  (I've tasted mabolo before; this one is a American persimmon though) On our first bite we try to pin down its taste and find out what it tastes like.  Mango, melon, papaya.  No.  A persimmon tastes like a persimmon.

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