January 14, 2011

How (not) to Make Ube Jam | Recipe

Because I still maintain that this is a recipe blog--whether or not the food turns out great--I'm still posting the "halayang ube" or ube jam recipe me and Edge made post-New Year at their place.
As you may have guessed from my tone and from the pictures below, our ube jam isn't what was hoped for.  It was too chunky--we just roughly grated the ube and did not mince it finer or mash it--and no amount of stirring it later on the wok will turn it into a smooth ube jam. I'm thinking our ube jam is not what the Good Shepherd ube jam looks like, but okay, it was our ube jam, and it might not be smooth but at least it's hearty and mealy.

The best ube jam, in my opinion, are made by my relatives in Cabiao, particularly Ate Cena.  When she kids us about her armpits and shoulders dislocating from all that endless stirring, I used to just smile.  Now I know exactly what she means.  

For this reason, making an ube jam is never a one-person job.  Do not attempt it alone, get a friend who will relieve you when your armpit and shoulders start to dislocate from the stirring.

Hey, let's make ube jam!

Ube, 2 kilos
White sugar, 2 cups
Coconut Milk, I cup
Condensed milk, 1 can
Evaporated milk 2 cans
Margarine/Butter, 1/4 cup

1.  Your best peeler won't be able to peel an ube.  You need to cook the ube in boiling water until tender, and that's when you peel.

2. Grate the ube.  Edge has a twenty-pesos kitchen wonder that peels, grates, juliennes, etc.  We stopped at the grating part and did not mince and mash, which is why our ube jam was chunky.  So...

3. Use a blender for a smoother ube jam.

Coconut Milk
4. In a wok, add in the ube, coconut milk, evaporated milk, half of the condensed milk, and sugar.  Cook over low fire.
5.  Stir.  And then stir some more, until thick.

6. Add the rest of the condensed milk.  And butter/margarine to make your ube jam creamy.

7. Call for back-up when the stirring begins to kill you.  In between, watch Good Night and Good Luck (excellent movie, I remember my Journ 101 classes).  It had better be a good film you're watching because making ube jam usually takes more or less two hours.

8. You know the ube jam is ready when it's thick enough.  If you stir and the jam hesitates for a moment letting you a glimpse of the bottom of the wok before pouring back in, then it's ready.

9. Grease your ramekins or llaneras with butter and then scoop in your home-made ube jam.

Okay, okay, our ube jam recipe isn't the one you'll find at Good Shepherd in Baguio, but hey, ours was yummy enough.  My sis complains about the ube chunks but all the while she was gobbling up the stuff.  We tell her our ube jam is less a food and more a conversation piece.  At least you enjoyed reading this, or you wouldn't have reached this far.  Now go and make some ube jam.

Enjoy! :)


Didith Gepiga said...

i guess this sounds delicious.... very informative. everything is here not just by viewing. thanks God bless

Didith Gepiga said...

very informative and delicious recipe of ur ube jam. im longing looking for this recipe then just in time , i found this site. God bless. Pit Senyor from Cebu, Philippines