December 4, 2009

New Book Purchase: The Far Side Gallery 5, by Gary Larson.

New Book Purchase:  The Far Side Gallery 5, by Gary Larson.

Only 220 Pesos at Booksale.

Normally, if I find that a book I like in Booksale costs more than 20 Pesos, I immediately forget all about it.

But this is Gary Larson, people.  This is the Far Side.  And the very enterprising folks at the Shopping Center at UP Diliman sell them for about 500 Pesos.  So P 220 is not bad anymore.  At Amazon, the Far Side sells for about $11.55, so hurray for bargain books.

But wait, why am I blabbing about number and figures?  I could blab about what a genius Gary Larson is.  But so much has already been said about the guy and his work.  And the most kick-ass absurd things in the universe don't need explaining anyway.  You gotta see them (the cartoons) for yourself.

The first big laugh I had when I first skimmed the pages of The Far Side Gallery 5 was from this cartoon: 

We were in the mall, Edge was buying us fruit shakes, and I, standing in the corner, inadvertently laughed out loud amidst the crowd.

Then there's this:

Which reminds me of the proper handwashing campaign they're showing on TV.  The one that suggests we sing Happy Birthday twice over while washing our hands to ensure they're really germ-free.  I never thought I would succumb to this piece of silliness it until I got bored by A Christmas Carol (see previous post) and actually sang the song out loud.  Usually, when I'm in the theater, I do not want to miss a thing, but that night, hygiene suddenly became important.

Maybe we should have watched it in 3D.  Then I wouldn't be complaining.  I've never seen a film in 3D.  The cat-glasses the women  (see cartoon) in Gary Larson's world wear look like they're made for 3D.

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