December 3, 2009

The Ghost of Christmas Past Participle

Edge and I have watched Disney's Christmas Carol. Like me, Jim Carrey has a tendency to eat words, so we had a hard time understanding Scrooge and all of Carrey's other characters. Thankfully I have read the book, but that was eons ago, and I have forgotten what it's like.

Only a handful have attended the film. Everyone have gone to New Moon. I have not read the Twilight series. (Coicindentally, the moon is full two days ago.) Anyway, there was practically no one in the theater; we might as well have made out. But out respect for Dickens, we didn't.

A Disney film with no audience is scarier than Paranormal Activity; it's just you in the empty void of the big big theater. Maybe we should have watched it in 3D, but our gift checks are only good for normal viewing. We're saving up for Toy Story 3.

All in all, read A Christmas Carol first. Here. Before seeing the film. Or just watch Grandpa is Dead. Support the Filipino film industry.

You have been warned.

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