December 4, 2009

Dying Alphabetically

The Gashcrumbly Tinies by Edward Gorey

The most hilarious and frightening death for me in the whole series. Which is why I'm thankful that I grew up in a house with no carpets to speak of. Or get lost under.

They say if a kid gets past 7 years old, he or she is all right from then on, safe from harm. The seventh birthday is always the most celebrated for this reason.

Recent events in the Philippines have told us that safety is relative though, and death is easy and cowardly carried out (with a gun), especially when politics (i.e. filing for a simple candidacy) is involved.

So many ways in which to die. Or get killed. The already morbid Gorey didn't think of this one. Even for his taste, what happened in Maguindanao was unspeakable.

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